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Personalized Consultants Supercharged by AI

Bridging Human Intelligence and AI to Amplify Your Decision-making Capabilities with AI Consultants Modeled After the Best Human Minds in the Industry


Jamie Bykov-Brett

Digital Transformation Specalist

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Listed as one of Engatica's World's Top 200 Business & Technology Innovators Jamie is a Social Entrepreneur, Digital Innovation Specialist, Metaverse & Web3 Advisor, Workshop Facilitator & Futurist Educator. His niche is developing people, implementing innovative technology solutions and the fundamental intersection where that expertise meets.

Our Services

AI-Powered Human Expertise

Unlock unparalleled expertise with Aivocate's AI consultants, modeled after the best and brightest in business strategy and innovation. Imagine having a pocket-sized top-tier consultancy consultant — now make it a reality.

Tailored Consultancy Services

Get personalized, on-demand consultancy from AI models based on real human experts. We apply a holistic methodology that includes Exploration, Knowledge, Creativity, and Connection to make these AI consultants invaluable assets to your operations.

AI Enterprise Tools

Aivocate offers bespoke solutions to organizations looking to build internal or external AI agents, tools and applications. These agents can be trained on specific departments, services, or the organization as a whole, providing intelligent and seamless operations.

Equity and Accessibility

In line with our commitment to inclusivity, we make sure that AI consultancy is not just for the big players. Our scalable solutions aim to make high-quality consultancy accessible to all.

Create Your Digital Twin

Ever wanted a clone of yourself that can think and strategize like you? With Aivocate, you can create your very own cognitive digital twin, trained to think, analyze, and advise based on your own expertise and experience.

Authentic Strategy

Each AI consultant is engineered to encapsulate the core values and strategic prowess of their human counterpart. Benefit from advice that is both authentic and ambitious.

Artificial Intelligence is not a separate entity from us, but a reflection of us. If we nurture it with holistic perspectives, ethical values and expertise, we can enrich our own understanding and positively impact everyone.

Jamie Bykov-Brett

Digital Innovation Specialist

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